Career Interest Questionnaires

Career Interest Questionnaires

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Essential for:

  • School, College, and University Students
  • Employees unsatisfied with their current role
  • Employees recently made redundant looking for an alternative career path
  • Career Guidance and Life Coaches wanting to provide more detailed information to their clients

Are you still wondering what kind of job you would really like? What your career interest areas actually are?

It’s very normal to go through school, university and indeed your entire working life, still unsure about the kind of job that you would really like! Often we have hobbies that we are very passionate about, and cannot envisage life without them. But can the same be said about the work we do?

During our early years it is quite probable that we will not be exposed to many different types of occupations. Generally job discussions at home, centre around what careers our immediate family members have. Hopefully these people love their jobs, but if not, this is highly likely to further limit the number of career options that we consider.

As we progress in years, our careers are most likely to have evolved through luck (good and bad), financial necessity, and opportunities that arose in the workplace. We did not necessarily follow our passion, or interest areas!

It is really useful to be able to identify your career interest areas - there will no doubt be a few of these - so it is also helpful to understand the relative strengths of each of these.

If you would like to explore your career strengths further and discover your personal values, an on-line My Self Questionnaire could be just what you need.

The My Self questionnaire is inexpensive and includes a comprehensive but easy-to understand report, including your Signature Strengths, and Challenge Areas. It also outlines your fit to a range of careers in the Career Area Chart and delves in more detail into the top three career options.