About Us

cream of the crop

Providing world leading Saville Assessment solutions for companies and individuals, Cream of the Crop Assessment has over 20 years extensive psychometric assessment experience around Australia and internationally.

Cream of the Crop Assessment utilises a very wide range of online assessments, including paper and pencil versions.

We offer:
• Personality and Behavioural Questionnaires
• Aptitude Assessments including verbal, numerical diagrammatic reasoning, spatial, mechanical and many others
• Job and Culture requirements including Job Profiling, and Card Sets
• Performance 360 – competency based reviews of staff performance
• Leadership Impact – highlight leader identity vs leader perception
• Group Overview – unlock the impact of your entire workforce

For in-house assessment we offer
• Dexterity Tests – particularly useful in determining hand and eye co-ordination and the ability to follow instructions in manufacturing and construction

Cream of the Crop have conducted on-line and in-house assessment activities for many significant clients around Australia, indeed internationally. These clients have included companies such as Serco, BP, Santos, BHP Billiton, SA Health, Rio Tinto, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Expeditors but also local blue chip organizations such as Coles Myer, Ernst and Young, Australian Taxation Office, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Genesee and Wyoming and the Australian Submarine Corp.

Large numbers of smaller companies also use CREAM of the Crop for assessment – for example for the recruitment of Clerical and Retail staff, Business Development Managers, Team Leaders, Apprentices, Manufacturing staff etc.

Please click here for further information on the wide range of assessments we provide organisations.

We provide online self-assessment questionnaires that can be used to facilitate effective and easy assessment for career planning discussions. These can help individuals prepare for interviews and the work environment. Further uses include:
• Career guidance and coaching
• Interview preparation
• Performance coaching