Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude Assessments

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  • Those who want to learn more about their staff’s workplace aptitude
  • HR Professionals, Managers, and Organisational Psychologists who require scientifically proven selection assessments
  • Those who are undertaking selection processes and want credible information to supplement and inform behavioural interviews and reference checks.

Aptitude, otherwise known as ability, comes in many different forms, be they capabilities in the workplace, in sport, or the arts to name but a few.

Aptitude tests are consistently shown to be the best predictors of workplace effectiveness. Using the right ability tests as part of a recruitment process can bring a significant return on investment by helping to ensure the right person is chosen for the role. 

Saville Assessment’s aptitude assessments are a comprehensive portfolio of tests used for a range of roles. They clearly measure a variety of abilities depending upon the role requirements. The portfolio includes measures of Verbal, Numerical, Diagrammatic, Abstract, Error Checking, Spatial, and Mechanical aptitudes that predict the ability to work with words, numbers, systems, logic, details, designs and equipment.

We work with our clients to determine what level and type of aptitude assessment is correct for the role. For example we have assessments suitable for Apprentices, Administrative, Commercial, Operational, Engineering, Graduates, Managers/Directors, and many other types of jobs.

Tests are also presented in a way which is relevant to the type of job being assessed. The look and feel of the test will make the candidate feel at home!

Volume and individual testing solutions are available.

Click here for a sample of a Commercial Verbal Comprehension Report

Click here for a sample of a Practical Mechanical Reasoning Report

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